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At roOomy, our mission is to help you better visualize your space through the power of virtual staging. We know that buying a home is a big decision, and for both the real estate professional and the buyer, seeing a home in its best light makes all the difference.

We believe this portal is rather straightforward, but please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or remarks.

We're looking forward to creating beautiful designs for you!

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Virtual Staging

Matterport Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging Pricing
Virtual Staging (no rework)


Virtual Staging with complimentary rework


Cleaning (furniture removal)


Virtual Renovation with complimentary rework


Service Description:

Virtual photo-based staging designed in the requested style. Please review our design style before placing your order.

We offer options with and without reworks. Only select our cleaning service when the room is furnished, and it needs extensive cleaning. Minor cleaning (e.g. removing an existing chandelier, changing the wall color) is included with the Virtual Staging order.

We recommend reading our Virtual Staging Order Workflow page before placing your order.

Matterport Virtual Staging Pricing
Matterport Virtual Staging < 700 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Staging 701 - 1,150 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Staging 1,151 - 1,650 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Staging 1,651 - 2,050 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Staging 2,051 - 2,450 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Staging 2,451 - 3,000 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Staging 3,001 - 4,000 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Staging over 4,000 sq.ft.


Matterport Virtual Renovation (custom quote)*

$0.7 - $1/sq.ft.

note: object removal (camera in mirror and similar) and touchups are included in the matterport staging price.

Matterport Bulk Pricing

10,000 credits at $0.45 per credit
25,000 credits at $0.40 per credit

Our bulk pricing system allows you to purchase Matterport tour credits in advance. One credit is equivalent to one square foot. These credits can be used for multiple Matterport tours until depleted and remain valid for 12 months.

Service Description:

We will virtually stage your Matterport Tour in the desired design style. You can also send your own design inspiration decks or reference photos if you require a design style that is not provided.

After staging, we will share the Key Panoramas with you, and you can request design changes. Once we've made the requested changes, we will finalize the tour and transfer it back to your Matterport account. We recommend reading our Matterport Order and Design workflow page before placing your order.

*Additional charges apply for spaces under 700 sq.ft., depending on the number of scan points requiring renovation.